The Best Country for Children

My Italian friend recommended a wonderful book by Tim Parks ‘Italian Education.’ The book is about a Brit who came to Italy, married a local woman, and started a family with her. He found Italy one of the best countries for children. And he is not the only one.

Many have heard of the love of Italians for children. Rightly so. Babies here are always bestowed with love, care, and warmth.

Italian families are extremely traditional and matriarchal. La mamma is the boss. She runs everything in the house. No child is ever left hungry or out of control (the food is great, by the way). And yet, il papà makes the final decisions when it comes to serious things.

Both guys and girls, Italians tend to get married late. Often the reason is that children happily stay under parents’ “umbrella” as long as they wish…and until la mamma starts demanding grandchildren.

For Italians, having a child is a serious step. But when they do make that step, they don’t back down. Abortions are strongly discouraged and condemned in Italian society. In 2006, orphanages were liquidated. In Italy, monasteries take care of orphans and abandoned children.

Having lived in Italy for several years, I can highly recommend it as a place to start your family.

P.S: If you are planning to marry a local, beware the in-laws of your Italian sweetheart! They will feed you A LOT.

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