How Christianity Was Born in The Roman Empire

Christianity originated in the East of the Roman Empire in Palestine (I century AD), where the religion of the ancient Jews was widespread.

In this period, there was a threat of complete disintegration of the Empire. The slave system of the Empire fell into decay. The general exhaustion, the oppression of the lower strata of society led to the hope of salvation in religion.

Thus, groups appeared among slaves believing in Christ. The new religion distracted the masses from the struggle and called them to humility. This was the perfect period for the breakthrough of Christianity, which was simply a rescue for the unfortunate, directly affected by the ruthlessness and cruelty of earthly orders and rulers.

Throughout II-IV centuries, there was a period of instability. The Empire was going to split.

At the beginning of the IV century, the Emperor Constantine decisively changed the attitude of the state towards Christianity.

Constantine was deeply convinced that only Christianity could unite a diverse population. The ruler supported the Church, returned from exile preachers, erected temples, and took care of the clergy.

At the end of the IV century, Christianity became the state religion. The Emperor and his family, courtiers and military leaders, and all state officials had to profess Christianity.

Deeply honoring religion, the Emperor Constantine wished to find the Life-Creating Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. To this end, the ruler sent his mother to Jerusalem, endowing her with authority and material means.

With the help of the Jerusalem Patriarch Macarius, Queen Elena found the Cross in 326 in Palestine. During her trip, Elena performed many righteous deeds for the Church. The Emperor ordered to erect a temple of the Lord’s Resurrection above the cave with the grave of the Lord. Queen Elena gave the found Cross to the patriarch for safe-keeping, taking with her a small part.

In the IX century, the split between the two directions of Christian religion intensified. One branch had a center in Rome (where Catholicism was formed). Another one, Byzantine, had a center in Constantinople (where Orthodoxy was formed). In the future, Christianity played a big role in the development of European culture.

Nowadays, Christianity has become one of the most widespread religions in the world.

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