5 Reasons NEVER to Marry an Italian

Many girls all over the world dream of a handsome Marco, Francesco, or Leonardo from sunny Italy. But not everyone delves into the details of the features of the character and worldview of these temperamental men.

So, to your attention we present 5 reasons why you should never marry representatives of this nation.

1. Always stunning.


Italians are stylish, well-groomed, able to show themselves in the light. Shoes are always in perfect condition. Hair, beard, mustaches are done in the latest fashion. Lips are sensual, covered with hygienic lipstick for shine. Everything is perfect in his look. Because shopping for him is a whole philosophy. When you look at him you just want to flirt with him and drink wine in a restaurant by the beach…

2. Top chefs.


Italians will perfectly prepare your favorite pasta or pizza. He will distinguish without difficulty the arugula from basil and oregano from thyme. He will make you an authentic Italian cappuccino or americano in the morning. Because he knows from his mother how to do it right.

3. Best sons ever.


Italians adore the only woman in this world – their mamma. You can never take her place, no matter how hard you try. And if you want your man to love you very much, then you should get this woman to like you ASAP!

4. Caring fathers.


Italians love children. They are very concerned about younger brothers and sisters. And when there is a child of their own, then such a kid is enveloped in tenderness and care of the dad.

5. Not for everyone…


But to the altar you will go with him when his family decides. Because everything is subject to the law “viene quando viene” (“it comes when it comes”). And more often it happens after 35 years of age…

If these reasons sound right for you, then it is time to get a ticket to your favorite Italy and meet ragazzi! 😉

You have been warned…

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