Make Monaco Great Again

I am a global citizen. I have been to most European countries and enjoyed each of them in their own way, but never wanted to stay there forever. The first time I went to Monaco was a beautiful summer day in June 2019, just after my birthday. Since then, I have fallen in love with this pretty little country.

In many ways, I found Monaco a great place to live. The country enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, a rather low crime rate, high quality of life, good level of education, excellent health services and a tax-friendly jurisdiction which is why a number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) from different parts of the world have chosen Monaco as their permanent residency.

However, having spent a few months here observing citizens and everyday life and conducted a thorough analysis of the Monaco economy, I have realized something terrifying…

The average age of the population in Monaco is 53.8 years, which makes it the oldest country in the world by median age. The age structure of Monaco residents is rather unique, and thus, should be carefully analysed.

Screenshot 2020-01-26 19.31.41

As the chart above demonstrates, the percentage of people 25-54 years old compared to the seniors of 65+ years old is practically the same, whereas the percentage of younger people is extremely low.

Taking into account the death rate of 6.5 and the birth rate of 10.1, the population of Monaco comes under threat of extinction (!) in the next couple of decades.

To prevent this, it is essential to ensure the following:

  1. Boost the birth rate as soon as possible.
  2. Attract young active people from all over the world into the country;
  3. Keep older people healthy and youthful.

The first step is crucial in order to save the Monegasque nation. To increase birthrate and ensure the population’s survival, the Principality needs a comprehensive family support system.

Let’s “Make Monaco Great Again”!

Preserve the children. Preserve the nation. Preserve the future.

— Anna Lutskova De Bacci

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