So many children don’t like to go to school. Have you ever wondered why?

Anna Lutskova De Bacci, Founder of MareLucci

Anna pr

I was a good student. I always attended classes, did my homework, met the deadlines. I can’t say I enjoyed it, and yet… I did it. Because I wanted to shine. For my parents, my grandma, myself, for the world! But did I really?

It’s hard to shine within set-in-stone frames. Theorems, formulas, grammar rules, never-ending tests, never-changing exams… I always felt I could do so much more… if I focused on what I am good at.

One day, after another tedious History class, I thought to myself: “How can you make the great history of humankind so uninteresting?!” In the same time, I thought how many children don’t have even that, because their families can not afford their education.

So I decided to change the world 🙂

Very soon I realised I may not change the whole world, but I can definitely change the lives of some children.

I set the following goal:

Make education personalised, affordable & fun for everyone.

I am truly blessed to have found so many like-minded people all over the world who share and support my principles.

With my team, we integrated our beliefs and capabilities in the International Educational Project for Children – MareLucci.

Today, we offer Language, Art, Sport, Acting, Music, Tecnhology, Family, Faith, & College courses for children in different parts of the world.

And with God’s help, we are rapidly growing every day! 🙂

Our mission:

Every child has a talent. We are here to help them find it.