A talented person is talented in everything!

Go on with business while we help your kids discover their artistic talents.

Who we are:

  • We are an international team of young & active Tutors.
  • We LOVE what we do.
  • We will do our best to help your children love art as much as we do.

What we offer:

1. Stage performance classes. The purpose of this course is to master the technique of acting, to develop and improve the child’s natural abilities, to form cultural and aesthetic skills, as well as moral and ethical principles.

Learning objectives:

  • development of stage attention
  • ability to act in terms of fiction
  • ability to act with imaginary objects
  • ability to interact with partners
  • ability to work on a role
  • development of artistic courage and spontaneity
  • development of creativity

2. Stage movement (plastics). Stage movement is the leading subject in the formation of the plastic culture of the young actor. It organizes the body, positively affects all body functions including the psyche and nervous system, makes the child more organized, internally rhythmic, free, fosters will and attention, and develops emotional intelligence.

Learning objectives:

  • ability to create an expressive and bright character
  • mastering the basics of stage movement
  • staging arm, leg and body movements
  • overcoming muscle clamps
  • ability to enjoy a sense of balance, coordination and speed
  • ability to stay on stage freely and relaxed

How you can study:

  • In the group Acting Babies (3-4 y.o.)
  • In the group Acting Kinders (5-6 y.o.)
  • In the group Acting Kids (7-8 y.o.)
  • In the group Acting Juniors (9-12 y.o.)
  • In the group Acting Teens (13-16 y.o.)
  • One-on-one with a Tutor

How long:

  • 60 min

How much: 

  • One-time group Class: 5 euro
  • One-time individual Class: 10 euro
  • A month of group Classes 3 times a week: 50 euro
  • A month of individual Classes 3 times a week: 60 euro

Where and when:

How to sign up:

Anna: +79263679814 (WA/Telegram)